The New Heritage of American Menswear

Grit & Honor offers a curated, modern, Downtown NYC take on
Heritage and Neo-Heritage American Menswear.

Grit & Honor is collaborating with about a dozen of the strongest, long-existing American Heritage makers and about twice as many of the top rising stars in Heritage-Inspired American Menswear. Our collection contains a pure and beautiful modern-day representation of strength and dedication to the craft, quality, and integrity that the American Men’s Apparel industry was founded upon in the early 19th Century. It also celebrates the continued innovation our makers dedicate to reinventing handsome, timeless, durable men’s apparel. Those tenets are the very root of Grit & Honor’s name. These traits have been the very foundation of the American Menswear industry since its beginning.

It was just blocks from where we are located at the intersection of the Bowery and Prince Street in Nolita NYC where the men who built this awe inspiring gateway to a great industrial society lived and worked. These were the courageous and tireless men who extended our bridges, built our skyscrapers, dug our tunnels, paved our roads, laid our railways, forged the steel to shape our ships, shipped our goods, and fought our wars. They found rest in the tenements of the Lower East Side and Hell's Kitchen, our nation's original centers of the American garment industry that clothed them for arduous days ahead.

Grit & Honor pays homage to this heritage, and hopes to tell the tale of how an industry founded in necessity to clothe and protect our workers and families changed as our nation grew, evolving as massive immigration of peoples from around the world turned the homogeneity of our population upside down, as global travel increased, as foreign diplomacy expanded, as those exchanges resulted in a cross-cultural sharing and adaptation of ideas, values, philosophy, lifestyles, art, architecture, food, design, and community living.

“We are not trying to make Downtown Preppy, we are making Preppy Downtown again”

Our collection reflects this evolution: from the reflection of art and architecture on pieces of clothing; to the integration of international nods in design elements directed toward cultures abroad that inspired them; to the influence of contemporary consciousness of global environmental and social responsibility in the production of pieces and in the values of makers; to living in the outdoors responsibly; to living more actively; and to the influence and adaptation of specialized production methods and materials discovered abroad.

Grit & Honor is dedicated to supporting the continued efforts of historical brands as well as the visionary makers they inspired with the goal of sharing continued success together. Since our inaugural season, Autumn/Winter 2016, and moving forward, we are excited to be collaborating with an exceptional list of designers.
  • Filson
  • Woolrich
  • Woolrich John Rich and Bros.
  • New England Shirt Company
  • Dehen 1920
  • Cockpit USA
  • Spiewak
  • Danner Boots
  • Eastland 1955
  • Oak Street Bootmakers
  • Penfield
  • Velva Sheen
  • Freeman Sporting Club
  • Relwen
  • Life After Denim
  • Bridge and Burn
  • Barque NYC
  • Freenote Cloth
  • American Trench
  • Jungmaven
  • Vestige Tees
  • Imogene and Willie Denim
  • Fried Rice
  • Kway
  • Wonderland
  • Tanner Goods
  • Wood & Faulk
  • Pocket Square Clothing
  • Eroix
  • Ace & Everett
  • Richer Poorer
  • Jacob Holston
  • Dte In California
  • Rogue Territory
  • Red Clouds Collective
  • Grit & Honor Vintage Goods
  • Grit & Honor Menswear
  • Randolph Engineering
  • Haspel
  • Retromarine
  • Solid & Striped
  • Knickerbocker Manufacturing Co.
  • Hertling USA
  • Onto NYC